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Please note that I am unable to accept new clients at this moment and that the waiting list is at maximum capacity. For all other inquiries, feel free to use the contact form at the bottom of this page. Thank you!


Are you currently feeling overwhelmed by your own emotions, relationships, or experiences, or have you had difficult experiences that you would like to process? Are you in a crisis of meaning or life, or do you simply want to give yourself the space and time to address the current issues in your life? If so, I invite you to consider the possibility of systemic psychotherapy.

#mentalhealth – Never before have the subject of mental well-being and mental health so openly and publicly been breached, yet many people still find it very difficult to seek support in this area. In the future, asking for help from a psychotherapist when facing mental challenges should be as natural for you as consulting a doctor for physical complaints.

Psychotherapy provides a trustworthy and relaxed environment in which I can accompany and support you in addressing and processing your concerns. With respect, honesty, and a touch of humor, I assist you in that process. In my work, the approaches of systemics (systemic therapy or family therapy) play an important role. Your experiences, emotions, and behaviors are always contextualized within your relationships and social environment, and viewed with an appreciative and resource-oriented attitude.

If you have any questions or are interested in psychotherapy, please do not hesitate to contact me by phone / SMS / WhatsApp (+352 621 464 807) or by email (

About me

After completing my Bachelor's degree in Heidelberg in 2013, I earned my Master's degree in Psychology in 2015 from the University of Trier. Following that, I worked in the areas of educational psychology, school psychology, and "Aide à l'enfance" (child assistance) in Luxembourg. During this time, I began my training in systemic (family) therapy at the SGST (Saarland Society for Systemic Therapy), which allowed me to be recognized as a psychological psychotherapist by the Luxembourg Ministry of Health in 2019.

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My previous work experience has allowed me to gain special knowledge in the areas of learning difficulties and learning disorders, as well as school-related problems. I also have in-depth knowledge in the field of attachment disorders and their therapy. In this area, I had the opportunity to receive further training from experts such as Johanne Lemieux and Prof. Dr. med. Karl Heinz Brisch.

At the beginning of 2023, I decided to establish my own practice and thus joining the multidisciplinary team at the Thinnes & Nguyen Therapie Zentrum in Niederkorn.


In addition to the systemic approach, my work is characterized by tolerance, humor, and empathy. It is important for me to find a suitable approach for the client to address their concerns, regardless of how unconventional it may be. I speak Luxembourgish, German, English, and French.

My offer

Please note that only individual psychotherapy sessions are covered by the CNS starting February 1, 2023. Couple and family therapy sessions are NOT included in this coverage, and the cost for these services must be paid by the clients. Individual psychotherapy can only be covered by the CNS if it is prescribed by a doctor. Further information can be found under Psychotherapy - Insured person - CNS - Luxembourg (

These are some common reasons why someone might seek out a  psychotherapist:

  • Stress

  • Burnout

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

  • Addiction

  • Grief and Loss

  • Trauma

  • Behavioral Issues

  • Aggressive / Violent Behavior

  • School Problems

  • Identity Issues

  • etc.

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Individual psychotherapy session

In individual psychotherapy, your personal concerns can be addressed through the use of various therapeutic techniques to work through difficulties together. The reasons for seeking psychotherapy can be diverse. I am a trained family therapist (systemic therapy) and my specialities are attachement disorders and therapy thereof, but my offer is not limited to this area. In general, psychotherapy is meant to offer help to any person who finds themselves confronted with and overwhelmed by difficult emotions, relationships or events. Furthermore, therapy can be helpful to overcome difficulties that are in relations with one's past and offers support in times of life crisis.

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Psychotherapy session for couples

Couples therapy often focuses on improving the relationship and communication between two partners. Together, we work to recognize and change negative patterns in your interactions, resolve conflicts, and better understand and satisfy the emotional needs of each partner. Couples therapy can be useful when disagreements occur frequently and threaten to escalate. It can also provide support during times when the relationship is strained by certain events. Finally, couples therapy can be helpful in accompanying a separation.

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Family psychotherapy session

Family therapy, or a family therapeutic intervention, is particularly helpful when conflicts, changes or mental problems affect not only one person, but an entire family system. Family members or important caregivers are included in the process. Different constellations can be used to find solutions that take into account the resources and needs of all those affected. Individual sessions with the respective family members can be helpful, as well as working with the parental couple. Flexibly and creatively, it can be seen what proves to be useful and helpful for the family in the process.

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